Selection, Placement and Assessment

Selection And Placement Systems

Search and Selection
TOSDERE provides talented professionals and certified and qualified Seafarers who match position specifications via a complete recruitment process. TOSDERE searches, assesses and selects candidates while clients evaluates, select finalists and hire as either regular employees or have their vessels, sites and rigs manned by our employees under our close and watchful supervisions.

Officers Selection
Through a robust networking capacity, we provide highly skilled officers for key positions onboard vessels and offices within good work cycle time agreed with clients.

In cases of highly specialized positions such as Dynamic Positioning Officers (DPO), Anchor Handling Officers etc, TOSDERE leverages on its contacts in the industry to identify and attract appropriate personnels.

Tosdere Assessment Services

Aptitude and Ability Assessment
Our Aptitude and Assessment tools provides comprehensive and in-depth measures of mental capacity, reasoning level, practical aptitudes and skills, technical and professional skills.

Personality and Behavioral Assessment
Our personality questionnaires provide a fair, objective and cost effective method of predicting likely behavior in a wide range of work situations. They can be used in conjunction with other evidences to make predictions about likely success in a job function Assessment Centers- Our Assessment Center Module is conducted in various ways to elevate required competencies as requested by varying clients. These have been extremely useful in helping our clients conduct successful selection and placement, implement career assessment and development as well as realize winning retention strategies for their employees.